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Zanesville, Ohio


A circle of giant painted vases in the former pottery capital of the U.S. 

As you cross the rare Y-shaped bridge in Zanesville, Ohio, you’ll come across yet another local curiosity. At the foot of the bridge stand 18 giant pottery vases, placed in a circle mimicking Stonehenge.

Thanks to its unique deposits of the clay, Zanesville was once the pottery capital of the United States. The “Clay City” was home of many prized pottery companies, including Weller Pottery, which employed 1,500 workers, making it Zanesville’s largest employer. Many Weller Pottery works are valuable collectibles today.

In an ode to its artisan history, the city hosts an annual pottery festival and was once home to the world’s largest vase. And then there’s “Vasehenge” (the nickname was given by locals).

As part of a community project in the mid-2000s, 100 oversized Weller Pottery-inspired vases were created by a group of artists. Each vase stands taller than the average human, and is painted with a different themed design. About a dozen of the vases were arranged in a circle at the foot of the Y-Bridge, while more vases can be found throughout the city.

Know Before You Go

Vasehenge is located on the west side of the Y Bridge and is free to the public.

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