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Portland, Oregon

Casa Diablo Vegan Strip Club

Is this the most Portland place ever? 

If you thought the weirdness of Portland topped out at Voodoo Donuts or the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium, meet Casa Diablo, the city’s vegan strip club. The erotic eatery is best summarized by its motto: “Vixens not veal. Sizzle not steak. We put the meat on the pole, not on the plate.”

Nicknamed the Famous Vegan House of Sin, Casa Diablo showcases nude dancers with a side of soy stroganoff, hummus veggie wraps, and vegan Sloppy Joes. 

Casa Diablo was originally a vegan family restaurant named Pirates Tavern, but had little appeal to workers in northwest Portland, who preferred some action with their arugula. So Johnny Diablo, the restaurant’s owner, decided to give it a spicy twist, rebranding Pirates Tavern as a joint that is both hot and herbivorous.

Aside from serving vegan food, the club prohibits its dancers from wearing fur, feathers, leather, or wool while performing. Unfortunately the establishment has been criticized and even sued by people claiming it trades the exploitation of animals for the exploitation of women. It seems there’s still quite a lot of beef.

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