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Victor Victori's Multiplism Statues

Seven golden statues rise into the sky from sculptor Victor Victori's New Jersey front lawn. 


Spend any time in Rutherford, New Jersey and the last thing you’d expect to find are seven golden statues rising into the sky from artist Victor Victori’s front lawn.

These statues are “striving to capture the mysteries of the gods while reflecting on humanity” in Victori’s now signature style of painting, “Multiplism.”  This artistic movement strives to capture a simultaneous image of the subjects’ various connected movements or to depict the shifts in emotion expressed by an individual.

The base of the largest and newest statue, God and I, even contains a time capsule to be opened 100 years after the statue’s completion in June 2015.

Although these statues often cause neighbors to shake their heads, there is no doubt that they are worth stopping and taking in. If you’re lucky, Victori himself will join you on the sidewalk to lead an impromptu and very enthusiastic tour.

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The poet William Carlos Williams' house is on the other corner of the street at 9 Ridge Road.

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