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Flagstaff, Arizona

Walnut Canyon

Ancient pueblos built into the base of a natural canyon wall. 

Ancient cliff dwelling ruins amidst geological beauty.

The Sinagua people of arid Arizona were a pre-Colombian people who lived in Walnut Canyon circa 1100 CE to 1250 CE. The canyon was formed by Walnut Creek, and lies on the Colorado Plateau. Here, the Sinagua built around 80 dwellings beneath ledges of Kaibab limestone. Though they were adept at thriving in such a dry climate, and are even thought to have established a trading empire that extended towards Central America, why they abandoned their small community in Walnut Canyon remains a mystery. The picturesque site is now a protected national monument and visitors can walk through the ruins of the pueblos nestled beneath the cliffs.


Know Before You Go

Located about 7.5 miles east of Fl
To reach Walnut Canyon from Flagstaff, travel east on Interstate 40 toward Albuquerque. Take Exit 204, and head south. The Walnut Canyon Visitor Center is located at the end of this 3 mile road.