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Wayside Chapel

The tiny church offers succor to travelers driving by, but only eight at a time.  


While driving by on the Stevens Pass Highway, about six miles east of Monroe, Washington, you’ll see a tiny chapel that invites any travelers on the highway to stop and take a little break—but only eight at a time.

“Pause, Rest, Worship” reads the sign outside the miniature structure, and weary travelers from any faith can enter at any time, to look around the one-room, unstaffed church or pray for a few moments before continuing on their way.

Inside, there is a pulpit, four two-person pews, and some flower vases. And that’s about it.

The charming chapel was dedicated in October 1962, when Seattle was hosting the World’s Fair. It has seen some surface changes, but remains much the same as it did then.

It is a favorite with locals, some of whom have even gotten married or renewed their vows in the tiny wayside chapel. 

Know Before You Go

The easiest way to get here from either Monroe (about 6 miles west of the chapel) or Sultan (about 1 mile east of the chapel) is to drive your own car.

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