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Wild Bill's Nostalgia Store is permanently closed.

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Wild Bill's Nostalgia Store

A reliquary of pop culture marvels, including the world's largest (and most terrifying) Jack-in-the-Box. 


Wild Bill’s is “not just a store, it’s a way of life.”

Founded by William Ziegler (Sept 19, 1946 - April 12, 2017) Wild Bills Nostalgia is where pop culture marvels can be found and purchased.  The unique retail establishment, located almost dead center in Connecticut contains everything from Soviet-era hockey jerseys and 50-year-old Playboy magazines to life-size Terminator statues and an amazing selection of bobble heads. 

Due to the eclectic selection contained in this mural-covered VW bug festooned curiosity shop that was once a “dance hall” expect to spend at least an hour browsing and reminiscing.  Outside the grounds include a maze-like collection of used books, and other ephemera located in a tribute to the fun houses of a bygone era,  a large haunted house, wrought-iron mountain lion,  balancing Yugos, and the ubiquitous much much more. 

Wild Bill’s Nostalgia is home to the world’s largest Jack-in-the-Box. Known for being that special toy to have scared the living crap out of children since the 14th century, Wild Bill’s replication is a record beater.  Rest assured, one look at the thing’s grinning clown face popping out of a re-purposed grain silo is enough to send full-grown adults into the fetal position or paroxysms of laughter.

In light of this, we can do nothing less than offer our sincerest commendations to “Wild Bill” for having created such an amazing place and with his daughter, Heather Dawn Page (owner), and her staff many years of creating new memories. 

Update September 2018: The store is now closed.

Update February 2020: All structures have been demolished aside from the main building with murals. 

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