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Rotterdam, Netherlands

Het Wittehuis

The oldest skyscraper of Europe now stands dwarfed by the surrounding structures.
Heidelberg, Germany

Bergbahn Maschinenraum

A unique look into the bowels of a century-old funicular.
Porto, Portugal

Planetário do Porto

A scientific observatory managed the largest Portuguese astronomy research unit.
Basel, Switzerland

Anatomical Museum Basel

A journey through every aspect of the human body.
Mountain View, California

Android Lawn Statues

A gathering of green robots at the Googleplex.
Osaka, Japan

10-Yen Vending Machines

Perhaps the world's cheapest vending machines.
Incheon, South Korea

Gentle Monster

A pair of oily black spiders lurk inside South Korea's largest airport.
Nye County, Nevada

Sailing Stones of Bonnie Claire Playa

Under the right conditions, rocks will move across this dry lakebed, leaving trails behind them.
Potsdam, Germany

Truman Villa

The home of president Truman during the Potsdam Conference, and the place from which the atomic bomb strike on Japan was triggered.
Geneva, Switzerland

Repère Pierre du Niton

This stone in Lake Geneva was once the reference point used to determine altitude in Switzerland.
Geneva, Switzerland

Musée d'Histoire des Sciences (Museum of History of Science)

A treasure trove of scientific instruments from the 17th and 18th centuries.
Berlin, Germany

Pressecafé Mural

A prime example of socialist modernist architecture, wrapped in a enormous fresco about the media.
Kielce, Poland

Kielce Boar Monument

A large boar commemorates the city's founding and the origin of its name.
Zurich, Switzerland

Urania Observatory

Switzerland's oldest public observatory is an important part of the Zurich cityscape.
Berlin, Germany

Archenhold Observatory

This public observatory is home to the "celestial cannon," the longest pointable telescope in the world.
Krakow, Poland

Muzeum Gier Wideo (Krakow Arcade Museum)

Where visitors can play more than 150 retro arcade games.
Mniów, Poland

Leśna Galeria (Forest Gallery)

A small square populated with giant birchwood sculptures.
Cape Town, South Africa

Heart of Cape Town Museum

The first successful human heart transplant is depicted through wax figures at the hospital where it the surgery took place.
Delft, Netherlands

Vermeer's Grave

The grave of the famous painter is marked by a simple stone in the ground.
Krakow, Poland

Wieżowiec-Zamek (Castle Skyscraper)

A Soviet era flat that refused to conform to the dull gray standards.
Potsdam, Germany

Michelson Interferometer

The site of the original experiment that would be used to disprove the theory of luminiferous ether.
Potsdam, Germany

Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam

A historical observatory still in use by modern astronomers.
Krakow, Poland

Aleja Gwiazd (Avenue of Stars)

Krakow's own version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Weil am Rhein, Germany

Giant Chairs of Weil am Rhein

A town that sets itself apart with supersized designer seating.