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This bunny-eared Moses represents an attempted compromise between two biblical interpretations.
Cape Town, South Africa

The Most Southwestern Point of Africa

The Cape of Good Hope is not quite as low as you can go on the African continent, but it's still geographically significant.
Vienna, Austria

Çerkez Dayı (Uncle Circassian)

A monument dedicated to a lone, brave invader.
Leiden, Netherlands

Israël Kiek Memorial

A memorial commemorating the man whose name became synonymous with taking a picture in the Netherlands.
Cape Town, South Africa

Beach Hut Whale Bones

This arch made out of whale bones is a remnant of South Africa's whaling history.
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Quarantainestation Heijplaat (Heijplaat Quarantine Center)

A 20th-century naval quarantine center is now a local park.
Leiden, Netherlands

Anatomisch Museum Leiden

Some of the specimens on display at the Leiden University Medical Center have been helping educate physicians since the 17th century.
Heidelberg, Germany

Robert Bunsen Statue

A larger-than-life monument to the inventor of the Bunsen burner.
Leuven, Belgium

Heilige Geestcollege

Where George Lemaître discovered the expanding nature of the universe.
Leuven, Belgium

Museum voor Dierkunde

This 19th-century zoological collection has withstood the test of time.
Zoetermeer, Netherlands

National Videogame Museum

A multi-story, retro videogame time capsule in the Netherlands.
Leuven, Belgium

The Hanging Gardens of Leuven

A monumental toilet that is also host to rare plants.
Leuven, Belgium

Leuven Historical Measures

Though they might seem like arbitrary scratches in the wall, these were once official measures of length.
Leuven, Belgium

'Primeval Atom'

An installation that makes understanding the size of the universe a walk in the park.
Leuven, Belgium

The Inventor of Time Travel Plaque

Above the door of a house, a plaque claims to commemorate the future living place of the inventor of time travel.
Naarden, Netherlands

Moskee van Naarden

This former cigarette factory was built in a style inspired by Islamic architecture.
Kilchberg, Switzerland

The World's Largest Chocolate Fountain

A 30-foot-high stream of chocolate flows continuously at the Lindt Home of Chocolate.
Nacka, Sweden

Pilt Carin Ersdotter Statue

A sculpture of a woman so beautiful she got arrested for it.
Berlin, Germany

The Clock of Flowing Time

An astonishingly accurate water clock that doubles as an hourly spectacle in this Berlin shopping area.
Berlin, Germany

Steinstücken Exclave

A helicopter memorial commemorating what was once the only way to access this West Berlin exclave.
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Het Wittehuis

The oldest skyscraper of Europe now stands dwarfed by the surrounding structures.
Heidelberg, Germany

Bergbahn Maschinenraum

A unique look into the bowels of a century-old funicular.
Porto, Portugal

Planetário do Porto

A scientific observatory managed the largest Portuguese astronomy research unit.
Basel, Switzerland

Anatomical Museum Basel

A journey through every aspect of the human body.