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Pringy, Switzerland

La Maison du Gruyère

Watch cheese-flipping robots in action at this factory and museum.
Palo Alto, California

Lockheed Martin Solar Astrophysics Laboratory Lobby

Gander at model satellites and telescopes in this scientific lobby.
Mountain View, California

Moffett Field Historical Society Museum

This airfield played a key role in both World War II and the Cold War.
Geneva, Switzerland

Mère Royaume

On the side of a building, a depiction of the woman who became a local legend by tossing soup out her window.
Potsdam, Germany

Grave of the Potato King

If you visit the burial place of King Frederick the Great, you'll likely find a couple of potatoes sitting on his tombstone.
Kyoto, Japan

Gokōshiyui Amidabutsu

This statue of Buddha has a distinctive hairstyle meant to represent an unfathomably long period of meditation.
Grimsby, England

Grimsby Imp

A 12th-century church that houses a dark creature.
Kyoto, Japan

Kyotomangekyo Museum

Visitors to this museum will discover that kaleidoscopes are much more than toys.
Kyoto, Japan

Original Nintendo Building

The first location of the eventual video game giant.
Stockholm, Sweden

Vega Monument

Celebrating the Swedish ship used in the first Arctic expedition to navigate through the Northeast Passage.
Berlin, Germany

Herta Heuwer Currywurst Memorial

A plaque on the side of a building is a small tribute to the woman who invented an iconic Berlin fast food.
Potsdam, Germany

Großer Refraktor (Great Refractor)

One of the largest refracting telescopes in the world, and the first built specifically for studying astrophysics.
Kungsbacka, Sweden

Bergsala's Super Mario

A statue of the heroic plumber stands outside a company that bluffed its way into being Nintendo's Scandinavian distributor.
Stockholm, Sweden

Oskar Kleins Gastbok

The signatures of esteemed colleagues of the physicists who stopped by to attend lectures.
Magdeburg, Germany

Guericke-Einhorn (Magdeburg Unicorn)

This 17th-century "unicorn" was cobbled together from the skull of a rhinoceros, the legs of a mammoth, and the horn of a narwhal.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Tule Springs Fossil Beds

This arid landscape was once a lush wetland. Today, it's a paleontological site filled with fossilized mammoths, sabertooth cats, and more.
Potsdam, Germany

Dampfmaschinenhaus (The Royal Pumphouse)

Designed to resemble foreign architecture, this mosque-looking structure was used to pump water to a royal fountain.
Magdeburg, Germany

Jahrtausendturm (Millennium Tower)

A six-story, asymmetrical tower filled to the brim with scientific experiments.
Carouge, Switzerland

Titeuf Statue

A statue of the Swiss cartoon character stands outside the school that inspired his creator.
Geneva, Switzerland

John Calvin's Chair

A plain wooden seat that once belonged to one of the most prominent figures of the Protestant Reformation.
Stockholm, Sweden

Saltsjöbaden Observatory

Once the world's most modern observatory, this building is now a private school.
Geneva, Switzerland

Brunswick Monument

An opulent monument built for a duke who donated his entire fortune to the city of Geneva.
Onsala, Sweden

Onsala Space Observatory

An impressive collection of massive radio satellites.
Varberg, Sweden

'The Woman With the Handbag'

Controversy surrounded the creation of this anti-fascist statue.