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Places visited in Gwangju, South Korea
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Gyeongju, South Korea

Gyeongju Seokbinggo

An early Korean refrigerator.
Gwangju, South Korea

Wang Dong's Rock Quarries

Rocks that take on the likenesses of several recognizable living entities crowd the Wang dong Rock Quarries.
Jeongseon, South Korea

Grasshopper's Dream Cafe

Along a rail-biking route, giant insects house a two-story restaurant.
Paju, South Korea

Third Tunnel of Aggression

Secret North Korean passage discovered below the world's most dangerous border.
Imsil-gun, South Korea

Imsil Cheese Theme Park

A 32-acre fun park dedicated to all things cheese.
Seoul, South Korea

Coffee Hanyakbang

About as hidden as can be, this specialty coffee shop is wedged between multi-story buildings at the end of a dark, skinny alleyway in Seoul.
Kyoto, Japan

Ukiyoe Small Museum

A tiny collection of traditional Japanese woodblock prints, open only when the owner feels like it.
Tokyo, Japan

Public Utility Conduits of Ginza

Peer into this window for an interesting glimpse into the public utilities that make this city run.
Tokyo, Japan

'Fossils of the 20th Century Civilization'

Composed of scrap metal, a pair of platform-length murals chronicle Japan’s history, from the Big Bang to the development of modern Tokyo.
Komaki, Japan

Mama Kannon Temple

The only Buddhist temple in Japan dedicated to breasts.
Niigata, Japan

Niigata Rice Cracker Museum & Bakauke Inari

This snack factory boasts several tributes to its popular line of rice crackers, including a quasi-shrine.
Mine, Japan

Akiyoshido Cave

Approximately 300 million years ago, a massive coral reef existed in what is now the largest limestone cave in Japan.
Tokyo, Japan

'Magokoro Tennyo' ('Goddess of Sincerity')

Weighing nearly 7 tons, this massive sculpture was carved out of 500-year-old wood and decorated with thousands of jewels.
Nara, Japan

Buddha's Nostril

Devoted Buddhists can earn enlightenment in the next life by crawling through this symbolic nostril.
Takehara, Japan


Japanese island famous for poison gas and fluffy bunnies.