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Cambridge, England

Jesus Green Lido

Cambridge’s century-old outdoor swimming pool is tied for being the longest pool in the United Kingdom, but it is also unusually narrow.
Columbus, Indiana

First Christian Church

The design of this modernist church was revolutionary when it was constructed in 1942.
Manchester, England

People’s History Museum

One of Manchester’s museums has gathered and preserved British political paraphernalia covering over 200 years.
Wincham, England

Ashton's and Neumann's Flashes

Formed by the collapse of salt mines and later used for dumping industrial waste, these lakes are now part an unusual, biodiverse parkland.
Hale, England

Hale Air Raid Siren

A rare World War II-era siren still survives in the southern suburbs of Manchester.
Manchester, England


Over 70 independent businesses have set up shop in this former Victorian department store.
Mexican Hat, Utah

Mexican Hat

This balancing rock is one of Utah's most unusual geological formations.
Mitaka, Japan

National Astronomy Observatory Japan Mitaka Campus

The headquarters of one of Japan’s leading astronomy research institutions features several historic observatory facilities and a 2,000-year-old burial mound.
Manchester, England

Rolls-Royce Reg. No. AX148

One of the oldest Rolls-Royce automobiles in existence, this vehicle was once driven by Henry Royce himself.
Marston, England

Lion Salt Works

Learn about the history of mining and making salt at this Cheshire museum.
London, England

St. Bartholomew’s Gatehouse

One of London’s rare Tudor-era buildings is a fate-defying gatehouse for a church.
Mitaka, Japan

Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka

A colorful, architectural experiment designed to increase a resident's longevity.
Avanos, Turkey

Çanakçı Heykeli

This giant work of Cappadocian pottery includes a memorial for the artisan who created it.
Manchester, England

The Great Hall within the Royal Exchange

Once called "the biggest room in the world," this Victorian-era hall is so large that it contains a smaller 1970s heptagonal theatre.
London, England

Square the Block

A jumble of concrete on the corner of one of London’s terraced buildings is actually a work of art.
Manchester, England

Where Rolls Met Royce

Two of the most notable names in automobile history are commemorated at the place where they're said to have first met.
Shrewsbury, England

Admiral Benbow’s Key

A famed admiral left behind this 17th-century house key when he joined the British Navy.
London, England

St. George’s Circus

At the center of London’s oldest roundabout stands an obelisk that was erected in 1771, but spent several decades elsewhere.
Manchester, England

Tower of Light

When the city of Manchester built a new centralized heating network, they did it with style.
Birmingham, England

Birmingham Back to Backs

A collection of historic buildings in central Birmingham blend seamlessly into the cityscape but have an interesting story to tell.
Stockport, England

Stockport Air Raid Shelters

Nicknamed the 'Chestergate Hotel,' the underground tunnel had beds, lights, and even flushing toilets.
Manchester, England

Pankhurst Centre

The former home of one of the U.K.’s most notable families of suffragettes is now a museum dedicated to women’s rights.
Warrington, England

Golden Gates

This very ornate Victorian gateway seems completely out of place in the modern industrial city of Warrington.
Manchester, England


Outside a paint factory north of Manchester's city center, an inexplicable submarine sticking out of the ground.