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Mabalacat, Philippines

K-9 Cemetery

A memorial for military police dogs in the former U.S. air base.
London, England

Platform 9 3/4

Kings Cross Station pays tribute to its role in Britain's best-selling book series.

Green Island Human Rights Culture Park

A memorial to the thousands of political dissidents imprisoned during the 40-year period of martial law in Taiwan.
Kota Belud, Malaysia

Nepenthes Rajah: The King of the Pitcher Plants

These rat eating Giant Malaysian Pitcher Plants may have evolved to eat shrew poop.
Tangub City, Philippines

Tangub City Christmas Symbols Festival

An annual festival full of illuminated replicas of iconic landmarks from around the world.
La Trinidad, Philippines

Bell Church

Visit a Chinese Taoist temple within the Indigenous lands of the northern Philippines.
Marikina, Philippines

World's Largest Shoes

Marikina's record-breaking loafers.
Manila, Philippines

San Agustin Church

The first religious structure on the island of Luzon and a survivor of World War II.
Mumbai, India

Ruttonsee Muljee Jetha Fountain

A drinking water fountain in the heart of Mumbai, built by a father in memory of his son.
Mumbai, India

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

An architectural marvel that combines Gothic architecture with Indian elements.
Mumbai, India

Mumbai's Parsi Fire Temples

The place of worship for Zoroastrians, Mumbai's Parsi fire temples use fire and ash for purification.
Quezon, Philippines

Mount Banahaw

This volcano in the Philippines is believed to have miraculous healing powers.
Nagcarlan, Philippines

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

The crypt under this cemetery's chapel was used as a meeting place by Filipino revolutionaries.
Pasay, Philippines

Manila Film Center

A film center envisioned to rival Cannes ended up as a haunted place after at least 168 people were killed during the rushed construction.
Manila, Philippines

Lagusnilad (Manila City Hall Underpass)

Once a crime hotspot, this refurbished underpass is now home to a bookstore and a mural celebrating the history of Manila.
Manila, Philippines

Manila Clock Tower

This iconic clock tower is the largest in the Philippines.
Quezon City, Philippines

Vargas Museum

Philippine art and culture are on display at this university museum.
Quezon City, Philippines

College of Engineering Sundial

A series of increasingly larger sundials have grown with this school.
Angeles, Philippines

Clark Air Base Hospital

The remains of an abandoned air force hospital located on a redeveloped Air Force base.
Baguio, Philippines

Old Diplomat Hotel

This eerie abandoned building with a dark history is said to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines.
Taguig, Philippines

Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

The largest United States military cemetery overseas.
Manila, Philippines

Paco Park Cemetery

The cemetery was built for the Spanish colonial elite, but its most famous residents were all buried in unmarked graves.
Manila, Philippines

San Sebastian Church

A church made of steel.
Phoenix, Arizona

Camelback Mountain

A geological mystery on Camelback Mountain.