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Hungry caterpillar.
Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

Diamond Jubilee Wood

Whimsical woolen creatures have taken over this historic Northern Ireland park.
54.7617, -5.7256
County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Giant's Causeway

Northern Ireland's Brobdingnagian stepping stones.
55.2417, -6.5112
The scourge of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

Godzilla Head

He's not quite the menace he once was, but he still has some chops.
35.6954, 139.7018
Totoro stares out
Tokyo, Japan

Ghibli Museum

A magical place that lets you play in and explore the world of Studio Ghibli.
35.6962, 139.5704
Front view.
Larne, Northern Ireland

Chaine Memorial Tower

This picturesque lighthouse at the edge of the Irish Sea looks like a giant stone pencil.
54.8538, -5.7989
Peering into Madman's Window.
Larne, Northern Ireland

Madman's Window

It is said a heartbroken man visited the gap every day to stare blankly out at the sea.
54.9445, -5.9028
Always smiling.
Ballygalley, Northern Ireland

Polar Bear of Ballygalley

Every year locals give the bear a fresh coat of paint to preserve its signature goofy grin.
54.8995, -5.8520
The Armada Tree.
Larne, Northern Ireland

The Armada Tree

This gnarled old tree supposedly sprouted from seeds kept in the pocket of a 16th-century Spanish sailor.
54.8925, -5.8808
Cairndhu was officially opened as a convalescent hospital in 1950. It now lies derelict and a campaign is ongoing to try to save it.
Larne, Northern Ireland

Cairndhu House

The ruins of a once-grand mansion in Northern Ireland are now thought to be haunted.
54.8909, -5.8452
Slemish as seen from Buckna
Ballymena, Northern Ireland

Slemish Mountain

A brisk climb up this solitary peak leads to the origin story of a towering figure in Irish history.
54.8813, -6.0977