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Ladispoli, Italy

Torre Flavia

The ruins of this medieval tower are destined to crumble into the sea.
Rocchetta Alta, Italy

Rocchetta a Volturno

This medieval settlement was abandoned after a series of landslides. What remained was largely destroyed during a mock battle for a WWII film reel.
Castel Sant'Elia, Italy

Basilica di Sant'Elia

Magnificent frescoes decorate the interior of this Romanesque church, which also showcases an unusual phenomenon during winter solstice.
Caprarola, Italy

Pozzo del Diavolo (Devil's Well)

Was this cave created by Hercules's wrath, the devil, or volcanic activity?
Segni, Italy

Porta Saracena

The hilltop town of Segni was once home to an ancient Roman colony and garrison.
Rome, Italy

Arco di Malborghetto

The meaning behind this triumphal Roman arch was a mystery until the early 20th century.
San Severino, Italy

San Severino di Centola

This medieval hilltop village was abandoned at the end of the 19th century, after existing for more than 500 years.
Soriano nel Cimino, Italy

Etruscan Pyramid of Bomarzo

This ancient altar emerges from the thick forests to reveal the mysteries of Etruscan sacrificial rituals.
Castel Sant'Elia, Italy

Pontificio Santuario Maria SS "ad Rupes" (Pontifical Sanctuary of Maria SS. ad Rupes)

A monk spent 14 years carving steps through tuff to make this religious site more accessible to pilgrims.
Sermoneta, Italy

Abbazia di Valvisciolo (Valvisciolo Abbey)

Knights Templar are visible inside this stunning Cistercian abbey.
Bussi Sul Tirino, Italy

Church of Santa Maria di Cartignano

The ruins of this once gorgeous medieval church are still standing, despite the region's constant flooding.
Segni, Italy

Chiesa di San Pietro ( Church of Saint Peter)

At this medieval church, Thomas Beckett was cantonized as a martyr.
Soriano nel Cimino, Italy

Papacqua Fountain

A stunning fountain depicting a mythological she-goat carved directly into the rocks on the grounds of a Renaissance palace.
Soriano nel Cimino, Italy

Selva di Malano

Ancient, mysterious stone altars are hidden among wild woods in central Italy.
Rome, Italy

Trevi Waterfall

A magnificent waterfall is also home to the remains of a Roman hydraulic engineering system.
Guarcino, Italy

Arco di Trevi

This mysterious ancient arch is hidden in the forest of Simbruini Mountains Regional Park.
Sorrento, Italy

Valle dei Mulini (Valley of the Mills)

An Italian crevasse filled with abandoned buildings gives visitors a look at the world without humans.
Anagni, Italy


Although their purpose is unknown, these ancient Roman supporting arches showcase Hellenistic ingenuity.
Anagni, Italy

Palazzo di Bonifacio VIII

This former papal residence was the site of an infamous incident known as the “slap of Anagni.”
Anagni, Italy

Cripta di San Magno

The “Sistine Chapel” of the Middle Ages merges 11th-century science and religion in wondrous hues.
Anagni, Italy

Barnekow House

A medieval house with mysterious alchemical inscriptions on its facade
Caserta, Italy

Peschiera Grande

Nobles would stage mock naval battles on this large lake at the Royal Palace of Caserta.
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Child's Tomb at Old St. Michael the Archangel Church

Place with alleged mystical powers in Old Orthodox Church in Sarajevo.
Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bridge on Neretva

A bridge destroyed three times: once as a ruse, then in an actual attack, and finally for the movies.