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Freetown, Sierra Leone

Kissy Boundary Gun

A curiously placed cannon along a roundabout in Freetown marks the boundary of the old city.
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Gateway to the Old King's Yards

Tens of thousands of Africans rescued from slave ships passed through this gate before being settled in Sierra Leone.
Kent, Sierra Leone

Firing Point

On an idyllic island off the coast of Sierra Leone, remnants of the defense of the slave trade and its later abolition.
Freetown, Sierra Leone

King Tom Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery

A seaside cemetery honors the Commonwealth soldiers and sailors that died in Sierra Leone during World War I and II.
Granada, Spain

Casa de los Tiros

A centuries-old house, once part of the wall of Granada, sports musket barrels from the battlements which allude to its original owner.
Granada, Spain

Museo Cuevas del Sacromonte

A museum dedicated to the centuries-old cave dwellings that housed marginalized communities on the outskirts of the former capital of Muslim Spain.
Mbala, Zambia

Propeller from the SS Good News

The propeller from the first steamship launched on Lake Tanganyika.
Washington, D.C.

Braddock's Rock

The "Key of Keys" for Washington, D.C. and the apocryphal landing place for the military campaign that started George Washington's career is now at the bottom of a well.
Kasempa, Zambia

Kamusongolwa Hill

A hill outside of Kasempa is the location of a famous battle between the Kaonde and Lozi tribes.
New Haven, Connecticut

Statue of "King" William Lanson

This statue honors a pillar of the early New Haven Black community.

Kalambo Falls

This stunning waterfall is the backdrop to a site that has seen continuous human habitation for 250,000 years.
Guatemala City, Guatemala

Pinula Aqueduct

It's not quite as old as its Roman appearance suggests, but this piece of infrastructure served Guatemala City for centuries.
Nteko, Zambia

Zwangendaba's Gravesite

A Zulu warrior is buried far from home, near the very northern border of Zambia.
Mporokoso, Zambia

Chilubula Mission

The first Catholic Mission to the Bemba people of Zambia still stands.
Ndola, Zambia

Ndola Slave Tree

Once a meeting point for Swahili slave traders, this ancient tree is now a monument to those killed by the slave trade.
Mbala, Zambia

Mbala Old Prison

This old brick building has held everyone from prisoners of war to freedom fighters during its turbulent history.
Mbala, Zambia

Mbala Pioneer Cemetery

A small cemetery on a hill overlooking Mbala contains the history of the town's colonial past.
Solwezi, Zambia

Kifubwa Stream Rock Shelter

Rare pigmented engravings cover the walls of this Stone Age shelter.
Ndola, Zambia

Dag Hammarskjöld Crash Site

A memorial marks the spot where a plane crash killed several United Nations members on a peace mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Zombe, Zambia

Fort Zombe

The ruins of a massive World War I fort overlook the border between Zambia and Tanzania.

Source of the Zambezi

Africa's fourth longest river originates from a burbling spring in a secluded stretch of woods.
Lusaka, Zambia

Zesco Cooling Tower

The abandoned tower is the last remnant of Lusaka's first major power plant.
Mpika, Zambia

Nachikufu Cave

This fascinating cave is packed with prehistoric rock art and Stone Age tools.
Mbala, Zambia

Itimbwe Gorge

A series of caves within the gorge hold artifacts from the Stone Age.