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Otaru, Japan

Former Temiya Line Railroad

This abandoned railroad got a new life as a scenic promenade cutting through the city of Otaru.
Nagareyama, Japan

Tone Canal Billiken Shrine

An American mascot that became a lucky god in Japan, enshrined in a city far from the main center of his worship.
Karuizawa, Japan

Uchimura Kanzo Memorial Stone Church

An unusual structure of stone and glass honoring one of Japan’s most eminent Christian leaders who founded the non-church movement.
Noto, Japan

Mawaki Site

The site of a prehistoric settlement spanning millennia, complete with a reconstructed timber circle.
Tachikawa, Japan

Faret Tachikawa

The former site of the U.S. military base redeveloped as an art district, boasting a collection of 109 public artworks from 36 countries.
Kyoto, Japan

Sagano Romantic Railway Diorama

Model trains whizz around an extensive room-sized diorama of Kyoto City.
Miyakojima, Japan

Mamoru-kun Patrolman

Made to improve road safety, these policemen-like figurines in Miyakojima island have earned an enthusiastic fanbase.
Kamakura, Japan

Mandarado Burial Grottoes

An eerie cluster of medieval cave-like tombs carved out of a cliff, hidden in a historic mountain pass.
Takasaki, Japan

Yamanoue Stele and Tumulus

The oldest surviving stele in Japan is a personal dedication from a monk to his late mother.
Ōme, Japan

Nyanya Magari Cat Alley

A hidden alley with seven corners and handmade cat decorations.
Tokyo, Japan

Chirori the Therapy Dog

A touching statue dedicated to Japan's first therapy dog.
Tokyo, Japan


Rubbing salt on this small stone dog is said to make wishes come true.
Inakadate, Japan

Inakadate Tanbo Art

Giant art made in Japanese rice fields.
Tokyo, Japan

Obake Kaidan

A flight of this "ghost staircase" has 40 steps on the way up, but only 39 steps on the way down.
Tottori-shi, Japan

The Sand Museum

Giant sand sculptures of famous people and places are on display near the Tottori sand dunes.
Ikeda, Japan

Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

An unlikely hit, this museum is dedicated to the inventor of instant ramen and cup noodles.
Ise, Japan

Meoto Iwa

This pair of small sea rocks has been "wed" using rope and ancient Shinto tradition.
Otsuchi, Japan

Wind Telephone

A disconnected rotary phone for "calling" lost loved ones offered a unique way of dealing with grief in disaster-stricken Japan.
Tokyo, Japan


Drinkslinger is an unlikely vocation for a Buddhist monk, but at this Tokyo bar the enlightenment is served in a martini glass.
Shirakawa-mura, Japan


This isolated Japanese mountain village untouched by time showcases unique and stunning traditional architecture.