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Huemul Island

The island houses the ruins of a secret nuclear fusion lab that once employed high-profile Nazi scientists
Quilmes, Argentina

Casa de Botellas 'La Fortaleza'

An artist's statement of new uses for ordinary and discarded materials.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ricardo Rojas House Museum

A pocket of serenity in hectic Buenos Aires, complete with a peaceful courtyard and massive library.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Original Tomb of Tomás Guido

The humble tomb of an Argentine general, hand-built by his son using stones brought down from the Andes.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Casa Mínima

The narrowest house in Buenos Aires is less than 10 feet wide.
Sarmiento Department, Argentina

Petrified Forest of José de Ormachea

An ancient forest of the Paleocene Age turned to stone.
Cafayate, Argentina

Strange House

Visit this odd display of indigenous style in Argentine wine country.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Xul Solar Museum

Xul Solar was an artist of alternate worlds, inventor of languages, and dreamer of utopias.
Montevideo, Uruguay

Monumento la Carreta

An epic sculpture depicting a wagon and straining oxen.
Montevideo, Uruguay

Palacio Salvo

The design of the Palacio Salvo has been described as "a lighthouse on top of a building."
Antofagasta, Chile

James Bond Rocks

Giant fake rocks that shielded Bond lie in wait for their next action scene.
Copiapó, Chile

Statue of Juan Godoy

A monument of the man who spurred Copiapó's silver mining industry.
Viña del Mar, Chile

Wulff Castle

A whimsical European-style chateau that calls the coast of Chile home.
Taltal, Chile

Kitson Meyer Locomotive

The antique vehicle is a preserved relic of Chile's nitrate mining industry.
Santiago, Chile

Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino (Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art)

This museum covers 10,000 years of Pre-Columbian Latin American history.
Viña del Mar, Chile

Reloj de Flores (Flower Clock)

Built for the 1962 World Cup, this fully functioning botanical clock is still ticking.
Antofagasta, Chile

Antofagasta Mountainside Messages

Instead of using billboards, some people here relay their messages on the side of a mountain.
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Lego Atacama Large Millimeter Array

A surprisingly detailed model of the world's most powerful radio telescope.
Copiapó, Chile

Museo Mineralógico (Mineralogical Museum)

One of the world's most complete mineralogical collections.
Mejillones, Chile

Punta Guaque 01

This hidden pre-Columbian rock art depicts a whale hunt.
Valparaiso, Chile

Botica Salcobrand

Buying your medicine at this particular pharmacy is like taking a trip back in time.
Santiago, Chile

Torre Telefonica Chile

It's just another skyscraper, but it's shaped like '90s cell phone.
Cabo de Hornos, Chile

Cape Horn Monument

This sculpture pays homage to sailors that perished attempting to round Cape Horn.
Hualqui, Chile

'Independent Republic' of Hualqui

Despite being of the most short-lived republics in history, this small Chilean town won’t forget its two days of independence.