Over the last couple of weeks, the staff here at Atlas Obscura assembled a menagerie of lists that we hope will inspire your travels and explorations in 2020. From our favorite new place listings on the site to natural wonders you can reach via public transportation, these pieces—curated from our collection of more than 18,000 wondrous places—highlight the wonder that is all over the world and right around the corner. Here’s the full set!

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Whether you’re actively planning a trip for 2020 or just love seeking wonder from the comfort of home, we hope these collections delighted and inspired you through the holidays!

And for those of you who have an Atlas Obscura account (if you don’t have one already, it’s free and easy to sign up), this is also a reminder that you can create Atlas Obscura lists of your own—to help plan a vacation or road trip, or just to keep tabs on the places that have always fascinated you. To start a list, click the “Add to List” button on any place entry and follow the prompts to create your own collection.