For many of us, summer conjures a patchwork quilt of memories set against blue skies and a bright, sweltering sun. Perhaps you remember trekking as a kid through a real-world version of Jurassic Park, such as Kentucky’s Dinosaur World, or venturing to a remote observatory, like the famed Tatacoa Astronomia in Villavieja, Colombia. Or maybe you remember family RV trips through America’s national parks, or stumbling across a beach covered in sea glass in Hawai‘i. Whatever summer memories come to mind, one thing’s for sure—we all remember warm July days spent exploring the unknown.

In these four episodes of the Atlas Obscura Podcast, host Dylan Thuras asked listeners to share their most magical summer memories. From becoming vegetarian after eating at a northern Michigan restaurant filled with taxidermied animals to walking from London to Rome following in the steps of a medieval archbishop, listen to some of the delightful stories listeners shared with us.

Magical Summer Memories Vol. 1

Hear about encounters with wild bears in Michigan, filling water jugs at Mississippi’s fountain of youth, and one couple’s journey to a remote Bulgarian village to try Cherni Vit Green Cheese.

Magical Summer Memories Vol. 2

Hear about one man’s trek from St Paul’s Cathedral in London to St Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, recreating the route of the 10th-century Archbishop of Canterbury, Sigeric. The 110-day journey followed the Via Francigena, an ancient pilgrimage way that Sigeric traveled more than a thousand years ago.

Magical Summer Memories Vol. 3 - The Cardiff Giant

Hear a listener’s tale of a theological dispute that became a real moneymaker known to some as “Old Hoaxy.” It all started in October 1869 when workers discovered a gigantic, 10-foot-tall stone man dubbed the Cardiff Giant in New York State.

Magical Summer Memories Vol. 4 - The Magic of Water

In this final installment of summer stories, we tackle a topic that transcends the seasons—the captivating magic of water during travel.