An airplane drawn over the fly-over states.
An airplane drawn over the fly-over states. Courtesy of FlightAware

Boeing has taken selfies to new heights after getting one of its planes to fly a test path that formed a giant outline of the plane itself on the GPS.

According to Boeing, the plane crossed over 22 states to draw the design. From wingtip to metaphorical wingtip, the plane stretches from nearly the bottom tip of Texas up to the Great Lakes, and the flight path even included such small details as the curvature of the engines and the tilted fins on the ends of the wings. The design was specifically the outline of a 787-8.

Uncoincidentally, the flight path was covered by a 787 Dreamliner that was running an 18 hour endurance test on the craft, eventually flying 9,896 miles. Even in the world of aeronautics, you’ve gotta have some fun.