Thank you to everyone who sent in their great photos for the Obscura Day photo contest. It was very hard to pick winners, but here are our final choices. Congratulations you guys! We’ll be sending you something weird!

Obscura Day LA - Lauren

Lauren Rock, Tour Guide for LA’s Time Travel Bus Tour

Photographed by Precision Pixelography

Atlantic Ave Tunnels Obscura Day

A wheelbarrow full of rubble lies neglected in the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel in Brooklyn.

Photographed by Kate Vukovich

Playing dead in California City

Playing Dead in a Dead City

Photographed in California City by Martin Salgo

Musee Mecanique on Obscura Day

A Matchstick Romance

Photographed at Musee Mecanique bu Nico Crisafulli

Penn State Obscura Day

A hall leading to a long abandoned cell block at Eastern State Penitentiary

Photographed by Jim Cummings

Congratulation to all the winners! Honestly, we have so many favorites that were submitted and that we’ve found on Flickr and blogs about Obscura Day adventures. We’ll be featuring a lot more photos from the day, but in the meantime, be sure to check out the Obscura Day photo pool on Flickr