A wifi antenna in Minneapolis. (Photo: Robo56/CC BY-SA 3.0)

WiFi, which is ubiquitous all over the world these days, and is literally expanding to cover even more space at this very moment, probably doesn’t give you cancer

Scientists broadly agree on this, but that didn’t stop an Australian television station from airing a report in February suggesting that WiFi could give you brain tumors. 

The report was widely criticized at the time, and if you try to access it now, you’ll come up against a roadblock.

“This episode is unavailable for technical or legal reasons,” the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s site says. 

Well, on Monday the ABC said that it would apologize for the report, and officially scrub (or try to scrub) the episode from the internet, according to the Sydney Morning Herald

The report breached the station’s standards, the network said, and it will be suspending the reporter behind the episode until September, at the least. 

So, while it’s true that a lot of things do give you cancer, WiFi, that precious internet-giving resource, probably isn’t one of them. Which is a good thing, since we all have a lot of streaming to do.