Catching a blue lobster is rare. Very rare. Out of every two million lobsters, according to some estimates, there is just one blue one, which turn that shade because of rare genetic mutations.

Sixteen years ago, Wayne Nickerson, who catches lobsters off Plymouth, Massachusetts found one. And on Monday, Nickerson found another, according to the Boston Globe, marking two blue lobsters in his 35 years in the business.

“It was more brilliantly blue than the bluest hydrangea you’ve ever seen,” Wayne’s wife, Jan Nickerson, told the Globe.

This lobster, unlike millions of others caught each year off New England, will not end up on someone’s dinner plate, though. The Nickersons, who have named the lobster Bleu, have taken it to a secure location, and it will likely live out its days like Wayne’s first—safe in a display tank, far away from a boiling lobster pot.

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