Gold! Public domain

What would you do if you walked by a bucket filled with gold on the street?

One guy in Manhattan decided to just take it.

The bucket of gold, as the New York Times reports, didn’t just magically appear. It was left not by a leprechaun but the guard of an armored truck. The bucket was sitting unattended in the back the truck, along with many other buckets, presumably also filled with gold.

“A guard went to the truck’s cab for a moment, the police said, and the man probably did not know what was in it. But he probably had a suspicion,” the Times reports.

Not to judge the guard too harshly—presumably he had a very good reason to go to the truck’s cab—but if you leave basically anything unattended on the streets of Manhattan, someone’s going to try to take it. If you’re moving worn-out furniture into an apartment for a college student, you need to leave someone to guard the truck.

Of course the gold bucket thief should not have taken the gold. But imagine his face when he opened it up and found 86 pounds of gold flakes inside.