The ram statue (Photo: Vered Sarig/The Caesarea Development)

In a Byzantine church that dates back to the sixth or seventh century, archaeologists with the Israel Antiquities Authority have found a remarkably preserved statue of a ram. It’s about 1 foot long and 1.3 feet tall, and the detailed carvings of its fleece and horns are still intact.

The ram was found in Caesarea Harbor National Park, an archaeological site on the Mediterranean Sea, about 25 miles south of Haifa. The ram might have been carved for use in a church there, or it might have been a Greek or Roman statue, repurposed as a church decoration.

What’s really remarkable about the statue is when it was found, on December 24. In the context of a church, the ram’s likely a symbol of Jesus Christ. “It may or may not be a coincidence, but the statue was uncovered on Christmas Eve,” the directors of the excavation told Israeli news. 

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