Back in June of 2016, Tess Newall wore her great-great-grandmother’s wedding dress to be married. The lacy dress had been made by hand in 1870, and it was still in tact all those years later—Newall only altered the top.

A few months after her wedding, Newall took the dress to the dry cleaners, like you do. The next month, though, that shop closed and went into bankruptcy. Newall couldn’t get the dress back; recently she posted on Facebook that the dress was probably sold. She was sending out a plea to the world—if anyone found the dress, she wanted it back.

It turned out, though, the dress hadn’t gone that far at all. Though the firm dealing with the bankruptcy had told her the dress was long gone, the landlord of the building where the shop had been located went into check. 

The dress was there, crumpled in a corner.

It still needs cleaning, but Newall is ”absolutely over the moon” to know it’s not lost, according to the BBC.