The granddaddy of all pun names. (Photo: Friends Wiki/Wikimedia Commons)

KaBloom. Thai Me Up. Burger Fi. Nothing But the ToothCentral Perk.

America is teeming with businesses and many of those businesses have chosen to cloak themselves in puns. And to help celebrate this great and terrible naming convention, Digg and Atlas Obscura have teamed up to crowdsource a map of best and worst pun names. Consider this your chance to highlight your favorite hometown coffee shop or just a collection of words that you think might be a pun but it’s really hard to say (looking at you, A Shoe Grows in Brooklyn.)

Please fill out our form here—and embedded below—early and often. We’ll be looking for submissions until September 7th.

Happy trails! (Happy Trails, of course, is also a sports store in Texas.)