(Photos: Eric Woodard (Picnic Tap); Adam Fagen (What Ales You); Ben (Paddy O’Beers))

See our ultimate crowdsourced map of punny businesses in America.

It will probably surprise no one that bar and pub names tend to be a little bawdy. Sacramento’s LowBrau acknowledges this tendency while itself being a punny name. But believe it or not, there are plenty of literary and movie references too. And Neil’s Bahr of Houston, Texas stands alone in our map as a bar named after a Nobel Prize-winning scientist.

No, bar names aren’t all Hungry Beaver or Dick’s Halfway Inn. You could nod to U.S. history like Abe’s on Lincoln in Savannah, GA. You could appeal to people who care more about pop culture than semantics like Portland’s tortuously-named The Big Legrowlski. Or, as two bars on different coasts discovered, you can woo suave literary types with the perfect book/martini pun: Olive Or Twist. Dickens halfway in.

Here’s what we’d like to publicize about these punny pubs:

—There are eight bars called Pour House, which is eight more than the number of poorhouses in the United States. One wonders whether these businesses even know their name is a pun.

—The literary references come mostly out of the high school classics canon—Olive or Twist, Tequila Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye—but Omaha, Nebraska’s Beer and Loathing in Dundee is a little more counterculture.

—You can’t go wrong with a classic: there are at least four pubs called the Dew Drop Inn.

—Some of these puns seem to have been devised by someone who was already half drunk. Is there another explanation for Fumducks, Sir Vezas, or Winegasm?

—Like a dozen of these names are puns you wouldn’t want to have to explain to your grandma.

Editor’s picks:

Anchor Management Bar and Grill  (Lake Oroville, CA)

Bar None (San Francisco, CA)

Brews Brothers (Galveston, TX)

Brews Brothers Taproom, Murphysboro, IL)

Neil’s Bahr (Houston, TX)

Olive Or Twist (Portland, OR and Pittsburgh, PA)

Stocks and Blondes (Chicago, IL)

Tequila Mockingbird (Ocean City, MD)

The Red, White, and Brew (Hammond, LA)

The Wurst Bar (Ypsilanti, MI)

Thirst N’ Howl (Little Rock, AK)

Wish You Were Beer (Madison, AL)

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Coffee shops

Other (including retail stores, vape shops and lots of yarn stores)

Doctors and Dentists

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Cleaning Businesses/Flower Shops/Portable Bathrooms

Hair/Nail Salons

The full list:

Abe’s on Lincoln
Savannah, GA
Al Smith’s Saloon
East Troy, WI
Anchor Management Bar and Grill
Oroville, CA
Bar Celona
Pasadena, CA
Bar None
San Francisco, CA
Beer and Loathing in Dundee
Omaha, NE
Beerhive Pub
Salt Lake City, UT
Brews Brothers
Galveston, TX
Brews Brothers Taproom
Murphysboro, IL
Fountain, CO
Catcher in the Rye
Los Angeles, CA
Chez When Cocktail Lounge
Sedalia, MO
Dancin’ Bare
Portland, OR
Deja Brew
Wendell, MA
Devil’s Advocate
Tempe, AZ
Dew Drop Inn
Cincinnati, OH
Washington, DC
Oak Creek Canyon, AZ
New Orleans, LA
Dick’s Halfway Inn
Rosedale, MD
Dupont Italian Kitchen Bar
Washington, DC
Houston, TX
Gordough’s Donuts
Austin, TX
Hi Dive
San Francisco, CA
Holmes Plate
Corning, NY
John’s Plumbing
Greensboro, NC
Crest Hill, IL
Lei Low
Houston, TX
Joliet, IL
Sacramento, CA
Mother Muff’s
Colorado Springs, CO
Mustang Alley’s
Baltimore, MD
My Brothers Place
San Bruno, CA
Neil’s Bahr
Houston, TX
Nice Ash
Waukesha, WI
Olive Or Twist
Portland, OR
Pittsburgh, PA
Paddy O’Beers
Raleigh, NC
Pour House
Hartford, CT
Jamison, PA
Exton, PA
St Louis, MO
Sacramento, CA
Sir Vezas
Tucson, AZ
Skinny Dick’s Halfway Inn
Fairbanks, AK
South Side Liquor Box
Toledo, OH
Stocks and Blondes
Chicago, IL
Stowaway Pub
Stow, OH
Swagger Inn
Lyndon Station, WI
Tequila Mockingbird
Ocean City, MD
The Big Legrowlski
Portland, OR
The Crossbar
Havertown, PA
The Crow Bar
Mount Holly, NJ
The Frosty Beaver
Cleveland, OH
The Hungry Beaver
Wrangell, AK
The Picnic Tap
Nashville, TN
The Pour House
Siren, WI
Raleigh, NC
James Island, SC
The Red, White & Brew
Hammond, LA
The Stagger Inn
Edwardsville, IL
The Tapp
Tarrytown, NY
The Tavernacle
Salt Lake City, UT
The Trappe Door
Greenville, SC
The Wine Seller
Williamsburg, VA
The Wurst Bar
Ypsilanti, MI
Thew Alibi
Coos Bay, OR
Thirst N’ Howl
Little Rock, AR
Torrey Pints
La Jolla, CA
Discovery Bay, CA
What Ales You
Burlington, VT
Astoria, NY
Wish You Were Beer
Madison, AL
Wit’s Inn
New Orleans, LA
21st Amendment Brewery
San Francisco, CA