The House on the Rock is unlike any other place in the world.

The dwelling, perched on a column of rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin, bills itself as containing “visionary architecture, eclectic collections and incredible stories.” It’s hard to wrap your brain around what the place contains: the world’s largest indoor carousel, cases upon cases of antique armor, cars, guns, mechanical parts from a brewery, the list goes on and on.  It is a location of such profound strangeness that fantasy author Neil Gaiman chose to make it a portal into the minds of the gods in his novel American Gods. In Gaiman’s words, ”It’s a monument to kitsch and wonder and madness and uncertainty…I had to tone down my description of it and leave things out in the book in order to make it believable.”  You will find your sense of reality altered by the experience of entering the house, whose wonders are so numerous, it’s almost too good to be believed. 

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