Atlas Obscura is thrilled to announce its first ever Virtual Reality experience!

With our partners at Start VR, we set out to create a VR adventure that’s all about not knowing what’s around the next corner, of choosing your own path. Atlas Obscura’s mission has always been focused on the delight of discovery, and Atlas Obscura VR captures that feeling perfectly.

Our first stops are the Temples of Humankind, a huge series of psychedelic underground temples hidden in the foothills of the Alps; Salina Turda, a futuristic world underneath Transylvania; and a classic American roadside attraction, the Winchester Mystery House. In addition to these first three episodes, the app features over 50 awe-inspiring places whose stories are told via a combination of photos and audio. And this is only our first season.

The Atlas Obscura VR app is free. Currently, it’s only available in the Oculus store for the Gear VR headset, but we’ll be adding additional platforms very soon. If you have a Gear VR at your disposal, please come with us and explore the world through new eyes. Download Atlas Obscura VR here.