The world can be a pretty dark place, almost as much as it can be a delightful place. File a group of eighth-graders who recently designed and built wheelchairs for a blind kitten with a spinal condition under delightful.

This kitten’s name is Ray, and he’s received some much-needed help from a group of middle school engineers. Born with eyes so small he is blind, in addition to spinal issues, Ray was cute, and happy, but could only use his front paws for getting around, according to Seacoast Online.

Luckily, Ray’s owner’s neighbor, middle school teacher Erin Bakkom, had an idea. She tasked two teams of eighth-grade students from her school to design a set of wheels for Ray. They then took the winning designs to the local library, using a 3D printer to build four- and two-wheel model wheelchairs, with Razor scooter wheels.

All of which means that Ray has now joined the ranks of other animals that have been equipped with makeshift wheelchairs. You can follow his journey on Instagram.