Drones crash. (Photo: Via @steveoiraq)

On July 16, the American military lost a drone. As the Pentagon recently confirmed to Buzzfeed, “an MQ-1 crashed on its way to its recovery base in Iraq.”

This actually happens fairly often. As the Washington Post reported last year, since 2001, “more than 400 large U.S. military drones have crashed in major accidents.” And the British military lost 450 drones from 2008 to 2013, the Guardian reported a couple years back. But when those drones are lost, usually you don’t see this:

Drone selfie—why not? (Photo: Via @steveoiraq)

This particular drone was very quickly found, and the people who found it, in southern Iraq, started posting pictures of it to social media. Because, really, what else are you supposed to do when a giant gray flying object that looks like it came from a Star Wars set lands in your backyard? Selfies seem like the obvious choice.

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