Behold the glory of the Mini Museum.
Behold the glory of the Mini Museum. Mini Museum

A piece of one of Steve Jobs’s turtlenecks, some dinosaur tooth, and bits of a famous Enigma Machine from World War II can all be found in a single museum—one that is small enough to fit on your shelf. That’s the promise of the Mini Museum, tiny collections of little bits of fascinating objects that, as Indiana Jones would say, belong in a museum.

The people behind Mini Museum, currently on its third edition (in large and small sizes), collect slivers of important and incredible objects and then embed them in a clear block, ready for display—and that moment when you smugly look at your guests and say, “Well, do YOU have a piece of Charles and Diana’s wedding cake on YOUR mantle?”

Each new edition, irregularly released, features a fresh collection of unbelievable bits of intriguing objects, so if the current collection doesn’t catch your fancy, the next one might have exactly what you’re looking for. Or try to acquire them all, and put together a collection that rivals the Smithsonian Institution.

Mini Museum (12 specimens)
$129.99, Amazon

Mini Museum (29 specimens)
$299.99, Amazon

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