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New Obscura Day Events

With a month to go, Obscura Day events are coming in fast. New events are added every day. Here’s a quick look at some of the latest:

Skin Diseases and Chromolithographs at the International Surgical Museum - Chicago

Obscura Day IMSS

See sores, chancres, and pustules galore at Chicago’s International Museum of Surgical Science

Expedition to Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Laboratory - New York

Obscura Day Wardenclyffe

Visit the all-but-forgotten remnants of Nikola Tesla’s most audacious experiment

Wonders & Contraptions at Nautilus Antiques - Turin, Italy

Obscura Day Nautilus

Come explore the wunderkammer of a shop described by David Sedaris as “the greatest shop in the world.”

Hands-On at the National Firearms Museum - Fairfax, VA

Obscura Day

For the first time and just for Obscura Day, the NRA’s National Firearms Museumin Fairfax, Virginia will be offering, a chance for some lucky folks to get hands-on with actual firearms.

Behind-the-Scenes Tour and Studio Visit at the Brooklyn Navy Yard - New York

Obscura Day

Special Behind-the-Scenes Tour and Studio Visit at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Historic Police Museum Tours - Vancouver, Canada

Obscura Day Vancouver

 Join the Vancouver Police Museum for a look at the incredible history of a space that was Vancouver’s city morgue from 1932 to 1980.

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