Have you seen this weed? (Photo: Euclid Police Department Facebook)

While a good portion of Ohio’s police are concerned with making sure that the Republican National Convention in Cleveland runs smoothly, some cops in at least one suburb are still having a good time.

On Tuesday, police in Euclid—just 11 miles outside of Cleveland—asked on Facebook if the owner of a Baggie of weed was interested in retrieving their property. Someone, the police said, dropped their bag of trees in a driveway near the public entrance of the police department, where an officer spotted and seized it.

“To retrieve your bag of marijuana, please come to the Euclid Police Department, Monday through Friday, during business hours,” the cops advise the owner. “Please remember to bring ID.’

In the meantime, police in Cleveland, of course, have much bigger issues, like guns and masked protestersBut maybe they could learn a few things from their counterparts in Euclid, where, just 15 minutes away, there is marijuana, and jokes.