Beekeepers and police don’t normally collaborate, but on Monday, in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, the two became teammates in a bizarre case of bug crime.

The beekeepers, swaddled from head to toe in their protective white gear, navigated a massive swarm of bees escaping from the trunk of a red sedan parked along the road. The bees had been put there intentionally, police said, but no one seems to know why, according to WCVB. The scene was soon thronged by multiple cop cars and ambulances, though luckily, only one person appears to have been stung.

Many neighborhood locals, upon seeing (or hearing) the buzzing cloud of stinging insects, chose to stay cooped up inside—rather like the bees before the trunk was cracked open.

As of now, the mystery of this bungled bee crime remains unsolved. Who hoarded the hives? What were their intentions? Were they planning to unleash a few thousand bees on an unsuspecting foe?

One thing can be said for sure: it’s certainly created a buzz.

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