Picture this, but dumped all over a massive, gritty highway.
Picture this, but dumped all over a massive, gritty highway. LadyDragonflyCC/CC BY 2.0

Have you ever made yourself a big batch of pancakes, settled down in front of your plate, uncorked a big bottle of maple syrup—and severely overpoured, drowning your breakfast and setting you on a weeklong sugar high?

That’s a little like what happened on Interstate 91 yesterday. According to USA Today, an entire barrel of maple syrup fell off a truck and spilled into the road late Monday afternoon, necessitating a massive cleanup.

On Twitter, the Vermont State Police reported that the spill was at exit 27, and that the fire department was hosing off the sticky stuff. Jealous Twitterers responded quickly. “It’s like the most Vermont thing to happen in Vermont,” said @AssignGuy. “Did anybody put out an amber alert?” asked @SmartAssStehmey.

For whatever reason, no one volunteered to go out there and help. Maybe they hadn’t had breakfast yet.

(For more instances of high-speed food waste, check out our 2016 truck spill map.)

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