The Toronto Islands, just south of the city in Lake Ontario, are currently flooded. Open to the public in dryer times, they might be closed for another two months because water levels in the lake remain stubbornly high, city officials said.

Still, an enterprising imgur user recently managed to gain access to the islands—presumably with a boat of some sort—and found that some carp were happily living on what used to be a baseball field.

While this is bad news for people who enjoy playing baseball on the Toronto Islands, it is great news for the carp, who now have an expanded habitat in which they can reproduce. And there is even better news: The carp are not Asian carp, which are threatening to invade the Great Lakes, where they could possibly do irreparable damage, according to blogTO.

So enjoy the sight for now, and maybe give the fish a thought later this year, when you’re rounding third and heading for home.