The trees of Upton Court Park in Slough.
The trees of Upton Court Park in Slough. Stephen McKay/CC BY-SA 2.0

To many outside of the U.K., the town of Slough is mostly known as the setting for the original BBC incarnation of The Office. But now it’s experiencing a strange rash of tree-fellings that would have been just the kind of thing Gareth might have tried to solve.

As the BBC is reporting, a mystery tree killer is at large in the town, responsible for cutting down at least six “substantial” arbors in Upton Court Park. The first tree in the weird spree was brought down six months ago, with five more having been discovered to have been cut down since. Local authorities say that it is more than just kids messing around, and that the large trees would have taken a chainsaw to take down.

It’s thought that the culprit may be posing as a tree surgeon, wearing a reflective vest as they work; piles of logs have also been found, indicating that they might also be trying to sell the wood.

Whoever it is, authorities advise residents who spot any suspicious people to leave them be, and contact the police. They’re looking at you, Gareth.