Meet Bruce Rideout, a 79-year-old Air Force veteran and retiree who lives in Lynn, Massachusetts, about 20 miles northeast of Boston. Bruce draws a monthly pension from his years working at the Lynn Water and Sewer Commission, and, this year, also got a tax refund.

All of which, normally, would be the entirety of his income, except for the little extra he just received, courtesy the federal government: two additional cents, presented to Rideout in the form a check from the Treasury Department, according to The Daily Item. “It’s unique,” he said. 

He has no idea why he got it and zero plans to try to find out. Instead, he will frame the check and hang it on the wall of his home. As The Daily Item notes, the frame cost $82.15, or more than 4,100 times the value of the check—which seems about right for a check that might not even be worth the paper it’s printed on.