Table for one, please.
Table for one, please. Paul Welding/CC BY 2.0

Maybe it’s a cliché, but in Australia, sometimes you can’t even enjoy a nice meal without a giant lizard barging in. Luckily, there are fearless waitresses like Samia Lila who will take care of that free of charge.

As seen in a video that is making its way around the internet, Lila, a server at the Mimosa Winery in Murrah, Australia was able to wrangle a massive lizard, dragging it out of the restaurant by the tail. The colossal reptile, a goanna which was first thought to be a large dog, had sauntered onto the open-air deck where diners were enjoying a meal, but Lila just grabbed it and slid it out of the restaurant, while the beast squirmed.

The crowd of diners at the restaurant seemed pleased at Lila’s heroism, clapping and cheering as she went, but according to the Huffington Post, some people who saw the video were critical of the server’s handling of the beast, saying that it was cruel to drag the creature out by its tail.

Lila has said that she certainly didn’t want to hurt the animal, and it did not seem to be damaged by the eviction. Besides, next time you need to get a small dragon out of your brunch date, let’s see you grab it by the head.