A construction site is probably one of the last places you’d think to throw a dance party. But, roll in a disco-ball cement-mixing truck, and a hardhats-only zone turns into party central.  

On December 9, French artist Benedetto Bufalino posted a video of his glittering disco-ball cement mixer—a vehicular artistic invention that transforms a dark construction site in Lyon, France into radiant spectacle. With the assistance of light designer Benoit Deseille, Bufalino covered the large revolving drum with individual mirror tiles. At night, massive lights shine on the disco truck and the spinning installation illuminates the whole area as beams dance over buildings, walls, and streets.

This isn’t the first time Bufalino has taken something familiar and transformed it into an extraordinary art piece. He alters the original function of everyday objects, having converted a sedan into a jacuzzi, a police car into a chicken coop, and an apartment into a tennis court, DesignBoom writes.

Bufalino’s disco-ball cement mixer isn’t the only one that has turned heads. Another concrete-mixing disco truck had been spotted driving down roads back in 2010: 

In Lyon, France, families, friends, neighbors, and strangers were lured to the disco construction site, creating an improvised dance floor, reports DesignBoom. Locals were mesmerized the moment they saw the disco cement truck driving around the street corner, Bufalino succeeding in creating a rather unconventional dance party.  

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