Living in the modern world is often stressful, and it’s easy to forget to give yourself some time to decompress.

To help you out, we’ve found this heart-melting video of tiger cubs posted by the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The 1,800-acre facility is home to several species, but few are as popular as the beautiful felines, who can boast being the largest in the entire cat species.

Tiger cubs are very dependent on their mother, as they are blind when they are born. Once they are adults, however, they separate and lead largely solitary lives. Females stay close to their mothers, separating more and more as the years pass, while males go far away as soon as they are able to take care of themselves. But before this happens, they enjoy a few years of cuddles and playfulness together. 

It’s these years that the video captures. The tigers tumble around, yawn, and drink water, all while filling your heart with warm and fuzzy feelings. Don’t resist—you can get back to worrying in two minutes.

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