In February 2009, a glorious triumph occurred on Parliament Hill in London’s Hampstead Heath park: a gigantic snowball (weighing about half a ton) tumbled down the white slopes.   

The video above, appropriately titled “The Story of the Giant Snowball,” documents the “birth and death” of the massive boulder of snow. A group of volunteers began building the snowball near the historic Kenwood House, located on the edge of Hampstead Heath. Covered and stuffed with leaves and gravel, the snowball reached chest height. The team worked together to push the completed snowball up the hill.

At the 42-second mark, the grand moment occurs. A large, roaring crowd cheers as dozens of people roll the ginormous creation down the slope. As the snowball gains momentum, people chase it down the hill. One particularly brave individual jumps on top of the ball at the 50-second mark for a short ride before toppling to the ground and narrowly avoiding getting squashed. 

The success of the great roll of the giant snowball was the result of “a huge group effort by random strangers,” wrote a witness in the post of a separate clip

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