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The Most Remote Restaurants in the World

Get away from it all—except the food.

As public health restrictions are relaxed and we emerge from our homes masked masters of frog bread, dalgona coffee, and pancake cereal, many of us are realizing that the questionably useful skills we picked up in our quarantine kitchens have come at a cost.

We must relearn the inter-personal minutiae of perusing grocery-store aisles, waiting in lines, and visiting parks. And in due time, we’ll have to relearn the ways of the greatest public theater of them all: restaurants. We’ll likely fumble over social cues while trying to feed ourselves through masks and keep a safe distance from our neighboring diners—and god forbid we have to sneeze. As surely as we will eat out again, it will be under a set of circumstances that are new to us all.

No venues cater better to the precarious position faced by modern diners than those on this list. Who’s there to judge you in a Swedish barn-cafe, an Antarctic vodka bar, or a Tanzanian seafood shack that slowly becomes its own island every day? These eateries redefine remote and allow us a welcoming reintegration to the wide world of post-crisis dining.