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Lindesnes, Norway

The world's largest underwater restaurant is submerged off the southern tip of Norway. 


Under, submerged off the coast of Lindesnes, on the southern tip of Norway, is the first underwater restaurant in Europe and the biggest in the world. Sixteen feet below sea level, diners can enjoy local delicacies while watching fish swim on the other side of a panoramic window.

It’s not the first time Snøhetta, the architecture firm behind Under, has created something spectacular. They also designed the iconic Oslo Opera House. But constructing a restaurant that could be submerged in the sea posed new challenges. One of the most time-consuming parts of the process was ensuring the building could withstand its harsh ocean environment. The restaurant would need to brave waves, storms, and, of course, constant water pressure.

From the outside, Under looks like a container that fell off a truck and slid into the water. But after visitors walk inside and descend the stairs, they’ll enter a whole new world. In addition to the underwater view, there is a fixed seasonal tasting menu that features foods from the surrounding area, including fish, seabirds, wild sheep, and plants such as sea kale and arrowgrass.

Know Before You Go

Be warned: There is a long waiting list to dine at Under. You can check availability and make reservations on the restaurant's website.

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