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The Most Wondrous State Parks to Visit During the Government Shutdown

Check out these state-run alternatives to the United States' national parks.

When the federal government of the United States shuts down, the funding freeze leaves the country’s national parks vulnerable to mayhem. Rowdy visitors run amuck and take advantage of the lack of staff, their recklessness damaging the environment and forcing some parks to temporarily close. Garbage bins crowd with trash and neglected restrooms overflow with human waste. Instead of visiting a national park, check out these state-run wonders.

Cleveland, South Carolina

Devils Kitchen at Caesars Head State Park

According to local lore, this narrow passageway through two large rocks was accidentally created by the devil himself.
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Olanta, South Carolina

Woods Bay State Park

This natural wonderland is a unique chance to explore a Carolina bay, a mysterious geological formation of unknown origin.
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Walhalla, South Carolina

Oconee Station State Historic Site

A historic blockhouse and trading post give a glimpse into the early colonial history of South Carolina.
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Clinton, South Carolina

Horseshoe Falls at Musgrove Mill State Historic Site

Legend has it the mill owner's daughter, Mary Musgrove, helped a Patriot soldier hide behind these falls.
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