13 Spectacular Bridges That May Make You Lose Your Lunch - Atlas Obscura Lists
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13 Spectacular Bridges That May Make You Lose Your Lunch

Beautiful treks, not for the faint of heart.

Across the globe, lofted perilously over gorges, along cliffs, or through the canopies of dense jungles, are bridges that seem to defy both gravity and common sense. They challenge our concept of what is even possible.

Some are modern creations, designed to offer vistas of the surrounding landscape without compare. These marvels of engineering are also a draw for thrill-seekers, who seek out that sudden churn in the pit of their stomachs. However, many of these bridges are much older and offer a deeper insight into the societies and cultures that created them. In addition to dizzying views, they offer a deeper appreciation of the courage and ingenuity it took to construct them. From ancient Inca pathways that just barely hang on to the side of the Andes, to a glass bridge that “cracks” under visitors’ feet, these are 13 bridges that may require a light lunch when visiting.