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New Carlisle, Indiana

Bendix Woods

This Indiana forest is actually a giant automobile advertisement. 

Named for the corporation that donated the land to the surrounding county, Bendix Woods actually hides one of the largest, naturally grown advertisements in the world.

Originally owned by the Studebaker car company and used as a test facility for its cars, the wooded area was surrounded by a track which simulated a number of road conditions. In 1938, just across the track from the main copse of woods, the company planted 8,000 pine trees in formation to spell the word, “Studebaker” when viewed from the air. The trees don’t show any indication of their advertising spirit from the ground, however airplane passengers viewing the land in the flyover state, can clearly see the company’s name spelled out.

Despite the land being long since sold and subsequently donated to the county, not to mention damage caused by brutal winter weather, the proud Studebaker name still proudly declares itself to the heavens.     

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