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Tombstone, Arizona

The Bird Cage Theater

An old saloon in the West filled with history, and according to some, a few dozen ghosts. 

Tombstone, Arizona is home to many Wild West legends, and the Bird Cage Theater is no exception. Open from 1881-1889, the Theater was a saloon, a bar, a theater, and a brothel, with the ladies hung from the ceiling in crib style rooms named “bird cages.”

Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday drank and played cards there, and many were murdered there as well. Bullet holes still show in parts of the stage and the walls.

According to the operators of the saloon twenty-six ghosts apparently still love to party at this historic brothel/saloon in Southern Arizona, and it is a frequent stop for ghost hunters from all over the world. Supposedly shouting and loud music is sometimes heard at night, and some tourists have claimed smelling cigar smoke and whiskey in the air.

After years of being closed, the Bird Cage was reopened for tourists in 1934. The night tour is probably best to experience a spooky time, but perhaps even more interesting then the “paranormal phenomena” are all the wonderful original historical artifacts perfectly preserved since 1889.

Know Before You Go

I-10 to Benson, take Hwy 80 South. Plenty of parking away from Allen Street.

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